International Women’s Day Challenge 2024 #IWD2024

International Women’s Day 2024 

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women which is celebrated annually on 8 March. 

The campaign theme of International Women’s Day 2024 is #InspireInclusion.

What is the International Women's Day Challenge 2024?

Starting on International Women’s Day on 8 March 2024, we’ll be walking/running 7,000 miles in just 6 weeks all the way from Inverclyde to the top of the world - Everest Base Camp in Nepal. We’ll be tracking our progress virtually online.

Through our challenge, we plan to celebrate International Women’s Day 2024 in a practical way by raising funds to support Greenock-based charity, Aid for Education, which helps some of Rwanda's poorest children and their families who have no access to education, basic medical care or shelter.

Aid for Education

Aid for Education is a small, volunteer-led local charity based in Inverclyde, Scotland. 

Founded in 2010, Aid for Education helps transform the lives of impoverished children and communities in Eastern Rwanda. With limited resources, this inspirational charity has:

  • Built Tubarere Nursery and Primary School since 2017 which now provides education to around 300 children;

  • Set up a farming cooperative to provide women with the opportunity to earn money to look after their families and take on leadership roles and make decisions over the profits generated from their collective agriculture efforts; and

  • Established a microfinance initiative, targeted to women who have no income, to provide a sustainable way of helping families earn some money and reduce poverty in the community. 

Our Fundraising Goal

Our goal is to raise £2,000 towards the cost of buying a minibus for our Tubarare Nursery and Primary School. 

Many of the children who now attend the school have to walk a long distance from their homes in the surrounding villages each day, often arriving late to school or not all during the rainy season.

How to Register to Take Part

Signing up to take part is easy. Simply go to to register.  Once you have registered you will create or join a team and get ready for the challenge to start.

Note: If you have a Big Team Challenge account already use your existing logins. There is a 'Forgotten Password?' link on the login page if you need to use it.

Creating Your Own Team

For this challenge you can either create your own team or join an existing team. Teams can have up to five members. 

When you create your team you will be able to choose between requiring people to be invited to join your team (invite-only teams) or allowing people to join your team without needing to be invited. If you’d like to take part on your own, you can create your own ‘invite-only’ team and simply not invite anyone to join you. When the challenge starts, all of the teams will be working together to get everyone across the finish line at Everest Base Camp.

To find out more about creating your team click here.

Once the Challenge Starts: Adding Your Distances

Once the challenge starts on Friday 8 March 2024, you can add the distances you walk or run manually or you can automatically track your progress using your Fitbit, Garmin, Apple HealthKit (iOS only) and Health Connect (Android only) (both of these are available via the Big Team Challenge app). Doing so means your activity will sync every time you open the app, so make sure you do that every day or so.

If you wish to use Fitbit, Garmin, Apple HealthKit or Health Connect it’s a good idea to connect your device before the challenge begins so you can hit the ground running.

You can find out how to sync your device and track your steps by clicking here.

Mobile Apps

The Big Team Challenge app is available for iPhone and Android. Simply use the challenge address when prompted on the first screen. You will only need to enter iwd. The rest of the challenge address is prefilled. 

During the Challenge

Once the challenge begins, it’s time to start tracking your activity. 

You can start inputting your distances from 12.01 A.M. on Friday 8 March 2024.

As everyone tracks their activity, we will progress along the virtual route to Everest Base Camp and the challenge map will show where, collectively, we have reached along the route.

Donating Towards Our Fundraising Target

You can donate at any time via the Just Giving page set up by Aid for Education for this challenge. Please share this link with your friends. 

If you are a UK taxpayer you can Gift Aid your donation which means that for every pound you give, the charity can claim an extra 25 pence from HMRC, helping your donation go further.

If You Need Help With Anything