Happy New Year everyone. We hope 2024 is a joyous, healthy and peaceful year for you all.

Thanks to everyone who used World Walking last year and to our generous donors who helped keep us going in 2023.

World Walking is 10 years old!

We can hardly believe it ourselves but it’s true. World Walking celebrated its 10th birthday on 1st October 2023. 

It seems no time at all since we launched our free platform for anyone to use, anytime, anywhere. We had absolutely no idea if anyone would use it but, thankfully, they did.  We just hoped that somehow we’d survive but we did, thanks, in part, to our kindhearted users who donated to help us going. 

And here we are, 10 years old; almost penniless, feeling the effects of the last 10 years but excited by the possibilities of the road ahead and looking forward optimistically to the new decade.  

Thank you to everyone who has used World Walking and helped us keep going. 

Here are a few facts and figures from our report card. 

Doing what it says on our tin!

Helping others makes us happy. 

We're delighted to have helped raise more money for charity than it cost to develop World Walking and run it throughout the past 10 years. 

World Walking’s Mid-Year Report for 2023/24

Our wonderful World Walkers have been busy!

We only recently discovered 'World Walking Day', organised each year by The Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA) and which, by a remarkable coincidence, is held annually on 1st October, our charity's birthday. 

It was too good a chance to pass up so we took part in World Walking Day 2023, posting messages on TAFISA's WhatsApp group and on Twitter. From our World Walking database we were able to see that 2,467 people added steps to their virtual walks on our online platform on World Walking Day. The total distance added was 30,924 miles, equivalent to walking 1.2 times round the world.

Now that we know of this terrific annual event, we'll try and come up with something for next year.