The teachers and students at Tubarere Nursery and Primary School, founded in Rwamagana in eastern Rwanda in the heart of Africa, by Scottish Charity, Aid for Education, are committed to start planting trees from the charity's women’s tree project as a result of our partnership with this inspiring charity.

The school has land, which had trees but they were cut down before the school was built . 

Many people in Rwanda still use wood or charcoal for cooking which contributes to one of the environmental challenges facing the country. The headteacher told the students that it is important that they plant trees again at the school to provide a long-term solution to fight deforestation. The teachers want to teach students to plant trees and learn more about climate change and the main cause of it. The teachers believe that getting the students to plant trees could be the way for them to become part of the solution. 

The trees planted at the school will provide environmental education and encourage young children to think about environmental conservation. It is important for the students to participate and understand how to protect the environment and then remind their parents how important it is to plant trees. 

Through our tree-planting partnership with Aid for Education which began in January 2024, the teachers and students have planted 96 trees so far, more than what was expected.