During February 2024 our global community of world walkers clocked up another 720,000 miles earning the planting on another 72 trees through our #WalkMorePlantMore initiative with our friends at our neighbouring charity in Greenock, Aid for Education. Since we lauched our partnership last month 160 trees have been planted.

In addition, this month the amazing women at the charity's Abagore Farming Cooperative have planted 500 eucalyptus trees and are preparing a special nursery bed for fruit trees to provide food and income for their families. These include mango, papaya and avocado. These will also be distributed to the the charity's Tuberare Nursery and Primary School to plant and teach students the importance of tree planting and the environment.

Here are some of women standing among trees they have planted which is now growing into small wood to reduce deforestation and control soil erosion in the area.