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Inverclyde's International Women's Day Challenge

To raise funds to enable Greenock-based charity, Aid for Education, to help women in east Rwanda who have no income earn some money to support their families and reduce poverty in the community.

Every £100 raised will help train, support and fund one woman to set up her own business, gain some financial independence which will help her send her children to school, and so, have a positive impact on the next generation too.

Any support you can give us will be greatly appreciated.

All donations are given directly to Aid for Education SCIO


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Anitha’s story

Through the micro finance project, Anitha was given a loan of £100 to start a business selling tomatoes at the market. She also bought some chickens that feeds up and sells. 

Anitha is very happy with what she has been able to achieve. She is earning money from selling the chickens and has recently bought a pig.

Her business is growing and she is better able to support her family and is now able send her children to school.

You can donate here. Thank you for your support.