Amble to Istanbul

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Amble to Istanbul

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  • Distance: 4,469,143 steps
  • Milestones: 13

Amble to Istanbul: With Covid-19 putting the kybosh on almost all their usual fundraising events, Luton Someries Rotary Club decided to go for a walk.  

Why Istanbul?  Well, it’s far enough to be a challenge, near enough to be feasible and it’s the very edge of the European continent which is interesting.  Along the way, the walk passes some friends (Gemert, Iserlohn and Budapest Rotary Clubs) and lots more enticing places.  There’s the Channel too, of course, but they’ll cross that in one big virtual jump!”

You can find out more about the international projects for which the Luton Someries Rotary Club are raising funds and donate here.

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Map of Amble to Istanbul
  • 1. Luton


  • 2. Gemert

    Distance: + 465.38km

  • 3. Iserlohn

    Distance: + 160.95km

  • 4. Fulda

    Distance: + 197.90km

  • 5. Bayreuth

    Distance: + 171.58km

  • 6. České Budějovice

    Distance: + 266.50km

  • 7. Vienna

    Distance: + 186.41km

  • 8. Budapest

    Distance: + 241.68km

  • 9. Timisoara

    Distance: + 281.55km

  • 10. Vidin

    Distance: + 331.94km

  • 11. Sofia

    Distance: + 190.66km

  • 12. Plovdiv

    Distance: + 148.39km

  • 13. Istanbul

    Distance: + 422.01km

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