Scotland's Titans' Trail

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Scotland's Titans' Trail

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  • Distance: 570,095 steps
  • Milestones: 5

Titans' Trail: Explore and celebrate more of Scotland’s rich heritage on this trail featuring the five iconic achievements included in the list of International Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks compiled by the American Society of Civil Engineers, including Scotland's biggest infrastructure project since the Ancient Roman’s built the Antonine Wall nearly 2,000 years ago!

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Map of Scotland's Titans' Trail
  • 1. Craigellachie Bridge


  • 2. Caledonian Canal

    Distance: + 123.59km

  • 3. Forth Bridge

    Distance: + 192.47km

  • 4. Forth and Clyde Canal and Union Canal

    Distance: + 53.49km

  • 5. Titan Clydebank

    Distance: + 21.42km

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