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Around the Globe

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  • Distance: 80,052,472 steps
  • Milestones: 12

Now here’s a walk you can really put your heart into!  It’s an awesome circumnavigation of the globe which we’ve created to support a cause we are passionate about: encouraging people to remain physically active after a heart event.

Why not round up your family, friends or workmates and make completing this epic journey your new mission.

We're delighted that this walk is being used by the Electrical Industries Charity in their quest to raise £250,000 for the Dickinson family appeal. Click here to find out more.

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Map of Around the Globe
  • 1. The UK


  • 2. Turkey

    Distance: + 2,904.09km

  • 3. India

    Distance: + 5,613.19km

  • 4. Malaysia

    Distance: + 5,290.07km

  • 5. Australia

    Distance: + 6,525.84km

  • 6. South Africa

    Distance: + 10,769.42km

  • 7. Brazil

    Distance: + 6,060.20km

  • 8. Mexico

    Distance: + 7,682.05km

  • 9. USA

    Distance: + 3,719.95km

  • 10. Canada

    Distance: + 1,060.51km

  • 11. Ireland

    Distance: + 4,898.87km

  • 12. The UK

    Distance: + 375.80km

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