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Walk with Rosie

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  • Distance: 9,815,019 steps
  • Milestones: 12

Walk with Rosie: The much loved Patron of UK charity Phase Worldwide, Rosie Swale MBE, made two attempts to run to Kathmandu but a pandemic and a war in Europe got in her way. 

Now the charity wants to get her there, by virtually walking together from where Rosie was forced to abandon her run due to Covid to her final destination. They hope Rosie will be able to virtually walk with them! 

You can find out more of Rosie’s endeavour here.  If you would like to help Phase Worldwide change lives in Nepal through its health, education and livelihoods work you can donate here.

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Map of Walk with Rosie
  • 1. Safranbolu


  • 2. Göreme

    Distance: + 425.93km

  • 3. Aleppo

    Distance: + 463.99km

  • 4. Erbil

    Distance: + 698.31km

  • 5. Tehran

    Distance: + 842.47km

  • 6. Mashhad

    Distance: + 899.08km

  • 7. Kabul

    Distance: + 1,179.67km

  • 8. Islamabad

    Distance: + 448.99km

  • 9. Amritsar

    Distance: + 340.18km

  • 10. Dehli

    Distance: + 439.21km

  • 11. Lucknow

    Distance: + 450.26km

  • 12. Kathmandu

    Distance: + 543.06km

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