Bay of Naples

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Bay of Naples

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  • Distance: 124,857 steps
  • Milestones: 7

Bay of Naples: Situated on the west coast of Italy and home to the country’s third-largest city, Europe’s most active volcano, some of the world’s most famous ancient Roman remains and pizza!

A tourist hot-spot and a great choice for your next walking adventure.

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Map of Bay of Naples
  • 1. Baiae


  • 2. Pozzuoli

    Distance: + 5.78km

  • 3. Naples

    Distance: + 12.45km

  • 4. Herculaneum

    Distance: + 10.76km

  • 5. Mount Vesuvius

    Distance: + 14.38km

  • 6. Pompeii

    Distance: + 16.91km

  • 7. Sorrento

    Distance: + 25.35km

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