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Colombia: The only country on the continent of South America with both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines.  

Take in some of the highlights of one of the most diverse countries on Earth. A colourful and fascinating nation rich in history, heritage and culture and the only American country named after Spanish explorer, Christopher Columbus.

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Map of Colombia
  • 1. Santuario de Las Lajas


  • 2. San Agustin Archeological park

    Distance: + 463.51km

  • 3. Tatacoa Desert

    Distance: + 259.47km

  • 4. Bogota

    Distance: + 309.38km

  • 5. Guatape

    Distance: + 375.38km

  • 6. El Peñón de Guatapé

    Distance: + 3.37km

  • 7. Medellin

    Distance: + 61.52km

  • 8. Santa Cruz de Mompox

    Distance: + 565.24km

  • 9. Cartagena

    Distance: + 252.99km

  • 10. Ciudad Perdida

    Distance: + 208.06km

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