Lake Garda

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Lake Garda

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  • Distance: 206,778 steps
  • Milestones: 8
Enjoy a picturesque walk around Lake Garda, the largest of the Italian Lakes, stretching between the Alps and the Dolomites. Visit a variety of lovely towns nestling on the shores of this beautiful lake. It's enough to make you want to look out your passport.

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Map of Lake Garda
  • 1. Riva del Garda


  • 2. Limone sul Garda

    Distance: + 9.64km

  • 3. Salò

    Distance: + 30.07km

  • 4. Desenzano del Garda

    Distance: + 19.48km

  • 5. Sirmione

    Distance: + 10.20km

  • 6. Bardolino

    Distance: + 25.80km

  • 7. Malcesine

    Distance: + 29.04km

  • 8. Riva del Garda

    Distance: + 17.58km

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