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Tokyo: The capital and economic centre of Japan located on the coast of Honshu, the country's largest island. 

The largest city in the world and a major tourist destination attracting millions of visitors each year.

Come and enjoy a few of the highlights and landmarks of this amazing city.

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Map of Tokyo
  • 1. Meiji Shrine


  • 2. Shibuya Crossing

    Distance: + 2.26km

  • 3. National Art Center

    Distance: + 2.92km

  • 4. Tokyo Tower

    Distance: + 2.65km

  • 5. Tokyo Imperial Palace

    Distance: + 3.12km

  • 6. Tokyo Skytree

    Distance: + 6.80km

  • 7. Sensō-ji Temple

    Distance: + 1.70km

  • 8. Ueno Park

    Distance: + 2.10km

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