The North Jump

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The North Jump

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  • Distance: 343,912 steps
  • Milestones: 5

The North Jump – This walk commences in the Wester Ross Biosphere and passes through Corrieshalloch Gorge on the way to Knockan Crag NNR - an area famous for its geology. From here, you will cross to the East coast and Loch Fleet NNR. The walk ends in the spectacular peat flows of the North at Forsinard NNR.

Photo by kind permission of Forestry and Land Scotland

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Map of The North Jump
  • 1. Wester Ross UNESCO Biosphere


  • 2. Corrieshalloch Gorge

    Distance: + 61.29km

  • 3. Knockan Crag

    Distance: + 38.50km

  • 4. Loch Fleet

    Distance: + 74.55km

  • 5. Forsinard

    Distance: + 61.52km

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