The Nile

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The Nile

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  • Distance: 3,799,210 steps
  • Milestones: 10

The Nile: The longest river in Africa. One of the world’s great rivers and a life-sustaining feature of northeast Africa that has witnessed the emergence of ancient advanced civilisations and supported millions of people for thousands of years. 

Pick up the Nile in Sudan and follow it until it flows into the Mediterranean Sea taking in some the world’s greatest man-made wonders along the way on this walk to remember. 

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Map of The Nile
  • 1. Khartoum


  • 2. Meroë

    Distance: + 225.11km

  • 3. Jebel Barkal

    Distance: + 385.00km

  • 4. Abu Simbel Temples

    Distance: + 567.83km

  • 5. Aswan

    Distance: + 377.53km

  • 6. Luxor

    Distance: + 209.34km

  • 7. Abydos

    Distance: + 144.05km

  • 8. Minya

    Distance: + 262.47km

  • 9. The Great Pyramid of Giza

    Distance: + 230.27km

  • 10. Nile Delta

    Distance: + 203.91km

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