Great Ocean Road

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Great Ocean Road

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  • Distance: 360,070 steps
  • Milestones: 6

Arguably, the world's most beautiful coastal road. A breath-taking stretch of Australian coastline packed with stunning scenery, spectacular cliffs, roaring waves crashing on endless sandy beaches and dotted with charming towns. A real surfer's paradise.

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Map of Great Ocean Road
  • 1. Torquay


  • 2. Anglesea

    Distance: + 17.60km

  • 3. Lorne

    Distance: + 29.49km

  • 4. Apollo Bay

    Distance: + 44.72km

  • 5. The Twelve Apostles

    Distance: + 88.19km

  • 6. Warrnambool

    Distance: + 66.94km

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