East Coast of Spain

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East Coast of Spain

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  • Distance: 1,521,760 steps
  • Milestones: 8

East Coast of Spain: Explore some of the highlights along the Mediterranean coast of Spain ending your journey in one of the country’s most iconic and popular cities.

Ideal for taking your mind off the cold, winter weather!

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Map of East Coast of Spain
  • 1. Malaga


  • 2. Almeria

    Distance: + 241.94km

  • 3. Cartagena

    Distance: + 194.82km

  • 4. Alicante

    Distance: + 103.50km

  • 5. Valencia

    Distance: + 153.69km

  • 6. Castellón de la Plana

    Distance: + 68.68km

  • 7. Tarragona

    Distance: + 188.60km

  • 8. Barcelona

    Distance: + 92.40km

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