New Mexico

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New Mexico

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  • Distance: 2,136,598 steps
  • Milestones: 12

New Mexico: The “Land of Enchantment”. A former Spanish colony and home to Native American peoples, this state in the American Southwest is famed for its fantastic and unusual natural scenery and a unique culture quite different from that of other US states.  If you’re looking for a walk that’s a bit different and a bit on the wild side, you’ve found it.

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Map of New Mexico
  • 1. Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument


  • 2. White Sands National Monument

    Distance: + 298.79km

  • 3. Albuquerque

    Distance: + 342.24km

  • 4. Pecos National Historical Park

    Distance: + 136.69km

  • 5. Santa Fe

    Distance: + 47.41km

  • 6. Taos Pueblo

    Distance: + 119.36km

  • 7. Bandelier National Monument

    Distance: + 145.91km

  • 8. Valles Caldera

    Distance: + 19.11km

  • 9. Tent Rocks

    Distance: + 30.39km

  • 10. Chaco Culture National Historical Park

    Distance: + 160.92km

  • 11. Bisti Badlands

    Distance: + 49.10km

  • 12. Shiprock

    Distance: + 115.37km

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