Walking with Harriet

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Walking with Harriet

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  • Distance: 1,322,157 steps
  • Milestones: 9

Walk with Harriet:  A tribute to the courage and spirit of Harriet Tubman, an American icon, abolitionist and humanitarian and a person of national historic significance. Follow in the footsteps of Harriet and her "passengers" on the Underground Railroad on this walk from Maryland, USA, to freedom in Canada. 

Thank you to Spring Washam for inspiring the creation of this walk and to Melanie and Karey for writing the milestone descriptions to bring the walk to life.

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Map of Walking with Harriet
  • 1. Madison


  • 2. Bucktown

    Distance: + 20.38km

  • 3. Choptank Landing

    Distance: + 32.18km

  • 4. New Castle

    Distance: + 132.44km

  • 5. Philadelphia

    Distance: + 53.52km

  • 6. Auburn

    Distance: + 401.63km

  • 7. Buffalo

    Distance: + 211.20km

  • 8. Fort Erie

    Distance: + 6.31km

  • 9. St. Catharines

    Distance: + 49.07km

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