Tooting to Tanzania Trek

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Tooting to Tanzania Trek

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  • Distance: 15,615,105 steps
  • Milestones: 11

Tooting to Tanzania Trek: We love to support good causes so we were delighted to have the opportunity to create this special route for the inspiring UK charity, Livingstone Tanzania Trust. Find out about their work in northern Tanzania as you walk.

If you’d like to register to join their epic fundraising virtual trek please click here or make a donation to the charity by clicking on this link.

Thanks to Julian, Satara and the team at LTT for making this happen.

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Map of Tooting to Tanzania Trek
  • 1. Livingstone Tanzania Trust


  • 2. Small Steps

    Distance: + 407.13km

  • 3. Pitstop

    Distance: + 395.55km

  • 4. Drink Break

    Distance: + 807.91km

  • 5. Health First

    Distance: + 1,611.65km

  • 6. Walking up an Appetite

    Distance: + 439.39km

  • 7. Edible Gardens

    Distance: + 1,814.63km

  • 8. Farming

    Distance: + 982.27km

  • 9. Street Business School

    Distance: + 1,619.64km

  • 10. Scholarships

    Distance: + 1,633.75km

  • 11. Coming together as a community

    Distance: + 996.91km

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