The Outer Hebrides

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The Outer Hebrides

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  • Distance: 403,693 steps
  • Milestones: 7

The Outer Hebrides: a remote, rugged, hauntingly beautiful island chain off the west coast of mainland Scotland, rich in history with a unique culture all of its own just waiting for you to explore.

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Map of The Outer Hebrides
  • 1. Barra


  • 2. Eriskay

    Distance: + 23.76km

  • 3. South Uist

    Distance: + 25.47km

  • 4. North Uist

    Distance: + 55.50km

  • 5. Taransay

    Distance: + 59.72km

  • 6. Harris

    Distance: + 16.60km

  • 7. Lewis

    Distance: + 95.81km

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