The Kingdom of Fife

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The Kingdom of Fife

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  • Distance: 243,759 steps
  • Milestones: 8

Fife: A scenic and historic natural peninsula on the east of Scotland bounded to the north by the Firth of Tay and to the south by the Firth of Forth; the ancestral home of Scottish monarchs and of golf! A little gem.

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Map of The Kingdom of Fife
  • 1. St Andrews


  • 2. Falkland Palace

    Distance: + 29.93km

  • 3. Dunfermline Abbey

    Distance: + 31.83km

  • 4. Culross

    Distance: + 11.48km

  • 5. Aberdour Castle

    Distance: + 22.75km

  • 6. Pittenweem

    Distance: + 46.68km

  • 7. Crail

    Distance: + 8.57km

  • 8. St Andrews Castle

    Distance: + 15.94km

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