England: Coast to Coast

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England: Coast to Coast

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  • Distance: 388,682 steps
  • Milestones: 9

England - Coast to Coast:  A wonderful walk, devised in 1972 by legendary British fellwalker, Alfred Wainwright MBE. 

One of the most popular long-distance footpaths in the United Kingdom.

Dip your feet in the Irish Sea in the west and set off on your journey across England through three wonderful national parks to the shore of the North Sea in the east. 

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Map of England: Coast to Coast
  • 1. St Bees


  • 2. The Lake District

    Distance: + 12.63km

  • 3. Grasmere

    Distance: + 35.67km

  • 4. Shap

    Distance: + 35.92km

  • 5. The Yorkshire Dales

    Distance: + 44.75km

  • 6. Richmond

    Distance: + 33.76km

  • 7. The Cleveland Hills

    Distance: + 50.30km

  • 8. The North York Moors

    Distance: + 30.96km

  • 9. Robin Hood's Bay

    Distance: + 22.57km

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