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Zanzibar: Unguja, commonly known as Zanzibar. The largest island of the Zanzibar archipelago in Tanzania nestling in the Indian Ocean just off the eastern coast of Africa.

 A stunning tropical island known for its beautiful white sandy beaches lapped by turquoise-blue oceans, lush rainforests and exotic spices.

Something off the beaten track and a bit different but well worth a visit.

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Map of Zanzibar
  • 1. Kizimkazi


  • 2. Jambiani

    Distance: + 23.77km

  • 3. Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park

    Distance: + 19.08km

  • 4. Stone Town

    Distance: + 35.59km

  • 5. Nungwi

    Distance: + 56.88km

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