The Canadian Rockies

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The Canadian Rockies

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  • Distance: 1,429,513 steps
  • Milestones: 6

A breath-taking walk on the wild side through the rugged splendour and exceptional natural beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks with their mountain peaks, lakes, glaciers, canyons and alpine meadows.  One to savour!

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Map of The Canadian Rockies
  • 1. Kootenay National Park


  • 2. Banff National Park

    Distance: + 102.61km

  • 3. Yoho National Park

    Distance: + 121.91km

  • 4. Saskatchewan River Crossing

    Distance: + 539.09km

  • 5. Jasper National Park

    Distance: + 152.20km

  • 6. Mount Robson Provincial Park

    Distance: + 64.55km

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