New England

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New England

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  • Distance: 1,219,523 steps
  • Milestones: 6

New England: Birthplace of the United States.  An area rich in beauty scenery and history with everything from snow covered mountains to sandy beaches, vibrant cities and picturesque towns and villages.  Home to delicious seafood chowder, lobster and maple syrup and the greatest free show on earth…the stunning changing colours of the trees in Autumn!

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Map of New England
  • 1. Maine


  • 2. Vermont

    Distance: + 270.84km

  • 3. New Hampshire

    Distance: + 164.31km

  • 4. Connecticut

    Distance: + 217.52km

  • 5. Rhode Island

    Distance: + 117.45km

  • 6. Massachusetts

    Distance: + 66.23km

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