Historic Scotland

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Historic Scotland

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  • Distance: 349,775 steps
  • Milestones: 7

Historic Scotland: We love Scotland. It’s the home of World Walking. It’s beautiful and we like showing it off. This walk brings together some of our country’s most important historic locations. Enjoy this walk back in time.

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Map of Historic Scotland
  • 1. Arbroath Abbey


  • 2. Scone Abbey

    Distance: + 61.32km

  • 3. Wallace Monument

    Distance: + 50.72km

  • 4. Bannockburn

    Distance: + 7.96km

  • 5. Dunfermline Abbey

    Distance: + 31.71km

  • 6. Edinburgh Castle

    Distance: + 30.71km

  • 7. Melrose Abbey

    Distance: + 57.46km

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