Italian Lakes

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Italian Lakes

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  • Distance: 421,665 steps
  • Milestones: 6

Italian Lakes: One of Italy’s most popular visitor destination and in a country with so much on offer that is saying something.

Beautiful lakes ringed with picturesque towns and villages with more than their fair share of grand villas. All set against stunning mountain backdrops. 

Simply lovely. Enjoy.

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Map of Italian Lakes
  • 1. Lake Lugano


  • 2. Lake Orta

    Distance: + 68.75km

  • 3. Lake Maggiore

    Distance: + 16.78km

  • 4. Lake Como

    Distance: + 54.40km

  • 5. Lake Iseo

    Distance: + 91.07km

  • 6. Lake Garda

    Distance: + 58.18km

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