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  • Distance: 440,152 steps
  • Milestones: 7

Sardinia:  A jewel of the Mediterranean and one of Europe’s greatest islands with its own culture, cuisine, language, history and heritage; not to mention lovely coastal towns, great beaches and delightful scenery.  What more could you want?

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Map of Sardinia
  • 1. Cagliari


  • 2. Su Nuraxi of Barumini

    Distance: + 62.00km

  • 3. Tharros

    Distance: + 68.93km

  • 4. Bosa

    Distance: + 64.20km

  • 5. Alghero

    Distance: + 44.27km

  • 6. Sassari

    Distance: + 32.62km

  • 7. Castelsardo

    Distance: + 29.83km

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