Peace Trail

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Peace Trail

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  • Distance: 1,587,273 steps
  • Milestones: 10

Peace Trail: We received a lovely approach recently from the 1st Mayford Rainbows and Brownies in Woking, England. While they are having to stay apart due to Covid-19 and in celebration of World Thinking Day on 22 February 2021 they wanted to complete a collective challenge to walk to a Girl Guiding World Centre in Switzerland to raise money for a local charity which the girls are voting for.

Every year, World Thinking Day has a different theme that Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world can learn about and take action on. This year's theme is peacebuilding.

We were delighted to create this walk for them.  Why not join them?

#WTD2021 #StandTogetherForPeace

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Map of Peace Trail
  • 1. Pax Lodge


  • 2. Canterbury

    Distance: + 98.18km

  • 3. Bruges

    Distance: + 177.22km

  • 4. Brussels

    Distance: + 94.53km

  • 5. Dinant

    Distance: + 87.00km

  • 6. Trier

    Distance: + 167.20km

  • 7. Strasbourg

    Distance: + 182.27km

  • 8. Basel

    Distance: + 122.94km

  • 9. Bern

    Distance: + 93.34km

  • 10. Our Chalet

    Distance: + 65.87km

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