Scottish Borders

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Scottish Borders

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  • Distance: 90,645 steps
  • Milestones: 8

Scottish Borders: A beautiful and historic area in south-east Scotland. Come and explore a few of its treasures. You’ll love it.

Created for our friends at Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland in support of the charity's campaign to promote physical activity. This one's for you Stuart.

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Map of Scottish Borders
  • 1. Mellerstain House


  • 2. Floors Castle

    Distance: + 10.44km

  • 3. Jedburgh Abbey

    Distance: + 20.04km

  • 4. Dryburgh Abbey

    Distance: + 16.75km

  • 5. Scott's View

    Distance: + 3.27km

  • 6. Leaderfoot Viaduct

    Distance: + 3.13km

  • 7. Melrose Abbey

    Distance: + 4.30km

  • 8. Abbotsford House

    Distance: + 4.24km

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