Hairmyres Winter Wonderland Walk

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Hairmyres Winter Wonderland Walk

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  • Distance: 5,819,064 steps
  • Milestones: 10

Hairmyres Winter Wonderland Walk: We’re delighted to have created this route for our good friends at the cardiac rehabilitation team at University Hospital Hairmyres in East Kilbride, Scotland who have walked around the world to show that cardiac rehabilitation can make a world of a difference. 

This one is for you, Faye.

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Map of Hairmyres Winter Wonderland Walk
  • 1. University Hospital Hairmyres


  • 2. London

    Distance: + 614.28km

  • 3. Cologne

    Distance: + 558.81km

  • 4. Lubeck

    Distance: + 459.28km

  • 5. Aalborg

    Distance: + 425.43km

  • 6. Oslo

    Distance: + 354.38km

  • 7. Trondheim

    Distance: + 491.90km

  • 8. High Coast

    Distance: + 504.41km

  • 9. Gammelstad Church Town

    Distance: + 371.61km

  • 10. Laponian area

    Distance: + 210.63km

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