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  • Milestones: 9

Alberta: Simply awesome!  A Canadian province with a rich heritage and home to some of this beautiful country’s most impressive scenery. From the prairies to spectacular mountains dotted with stunning glacial lakes. No wonder millions of people visit it every year. You’ll love it too. Come and explore.

This one’s for you, Paul. Thanks for introducing us to Alberta.

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Map of Alberta
  • 1. Maligne Lake


  • 2. Columbia Icefield

    Distance: + 150.04km

  • 3. Dinosaur Provincial Park

    Distance: + 619.63km

  • 4. Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

    Distance: + 192.00km

  • 5. Waterton Lakes National Park

    Distance: + 143.93km

  • 6. Head-smashed in Buffalo Jump

    Distance: + 149.08km

  • 7. Canmore

    Distance: + 240.65km

  • 8. Banff

    Distance: + 22.36km

  • 9. Lake Louise

    Distance: + 164.39km

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