Great Wall of China (East)

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Great Wall of China (East)

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  • Distance: 633,885 steps
  • Milestones: 5

Great Wall of China (East): For very obvious reasons, the magnificent Great Wall of China was one the first walks we ever featured on World Walking. Just in case you’ve thought that you’d love to walk it but it was a bit too long for you, here’s a shortened version we’ve created specially for you. 

Now we hope lots more people will to be able to tell their families and friends that they have walked along the Great Wall. 

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Map of Great Wall of China (East)
  • 1. Badaling


  • 2. Juyong Pass

    Distance: + 11.00km

  • 3. Mutianyu

    Distance: + 71.46km

  • 4. Huangya Pass

    Distance: + 109.15km

  • 5. Shanhai Pass

    Distance: + 243.11km

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