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Falkirk: A town with a rich heritage nestling in the Forth Valley. An active partner in the Central Scotland Green Network, Europe’s largest greenspace initiative.

If there’s any part of Scotland that’s done more to provide green places for physical activity than Falkirk, we’ve still to find it.  And it’s got some great places to visit too. Take a walk on the green side and see for yourself.

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Map of Falkirk
  • 1. Rough Castle Fort


  • 2. Falkirk Wheel

    Distance: + 4.98km

  • 3. Forth and Clyde & Union Canals

    Distance: + 1.30km

  • 4. Callendar House

    Distance: + 4.06km

  • 5. The Helix

    Distance: + 2.75km

  • 6. The Kelpies

    Distance: + 1.59km

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