Scottish Inventors

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Scottish Inventors

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  • Distance: 515,507 steps
  • Milestones: 7

Scottish Inventors: We're proud bring to you this very special walk created by the pupils of Primary 4 and Primary 7 at Kilmacolm Primary School. Their walk takes in the birthplaces of some of Scotland's most famous and best loved inventors. The pupils came up with the idea, decided which inventors to include, and did all the research. 

Well done Kilmacolm Primary School!  Many thanks to Mrs Glover.

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Map of Scottish Inventors
  • 1. John Logie Baird


  • 2. Charles MacIntosh

    Distance: + 36.50km

  • 3. Alexander Graham Bell

    Distance: + 70.00km

  • 4. Kirkpatrick MacMillan

    Distance: + 104.97km

  • 5. Alexander Fleming

    Distance: + 71.95km

  • 6. John Boyd Dunlop

    Distance: + 21.72km

  • 7. James Watt

    Distance: + 48.40km

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