Mid-West USA

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Mid-West USA

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  • Distance: 6,065,774 steps
  • Milestones: 12

Mid-West: Introducing the third of our four regional walks taking in the contiguous states of the US. Clock up twelve states on this journey round the heart of this great country. Enjoy.

We have created this walk for Kara Lubin and her amazing team at the 100 Mile Club which aims to engage and empower kids and families to achieve a healthy lifestyle through physical activity nationwide; preventing childhood inactivity and obesity, one child, one school, and one community at a time.

You can support this inspirational and effective nonprofit organisation by donating here. Every $10 sponsors a child.

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Map of Mid-West USA
  • 1. Michigan


  • 2. Ohio

    Distance: + 378.59km

  • 3. Indiana

    Distance: + 287.88km

  • 4. Illinois

    Distance: + 324.96km

  • 5. Missouri

    Distance: + 330.42km

  • 6. Kansas

    Distance: + 337.13km

  • 7. Nebraska

    Distance: + 261.67km

  • 8. Iowa

    Distance: + 316.13km

  • 9. Wisconsin

    Distance: + 445.01km

  • 10. Minnesota

    Distance: + 434.31km

  • 11. North Dakota

    Distance: + 710.14km

  • 12. South Dakota

    Distance: + 333.67km

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