The Hague

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The Hague

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  • Distance: 4,211 steps
  • Milestones: 7

The Hague: The third-largest city in the Netherlands and the only big city on the North Sea.  This beautiful and historic city is home to the Dutch Royal Family and the seat of government. Come and explore.

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Map of The Hague
  • 1. Peace Palace


  • 2. Noordeinde Palace

    Distance: + 1.16km

  • 3. Mauritshuis

    Distance: + 0.76km

  • 4. Ridderzaal

    Distance: + 0.15km

  • 5. Binnenhof

    Distance: + 0.01km

  • 6. Gevangenpoort

    Distance: + 0.29km

  • 7. Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk

    Distance: + 0.52km

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