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Our Goal

The James Watt walk is a chance to walk in the footsteps of one of the most influential Scots ever to have lived. Born in Greenock, James Watt’s influence is recognised across the UK and throughout the world.

The James Watt walk is a great way to learn about his life and what an amazing contribution he made as a Scottish inventor, mechanical engineer and chemist. You can even encourage your family, friends or colleagues to take part and discover the life and work of James Watt. Join us on social media to mark the bicentennial of his life this year using #WheresWatt to share what you have learned about him.

So please round up your family, friends, school pals and work colleagues. Sign up today to World Walking and visit worldwalking.org/jameswatt from 11th August and get ready to show that Inverclyde really is miles ahead of the rest!

Councillor Jim Clocherty,
Convener for Education and Communities
Inverclyde Council


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