What to I need to do to start using the World Walking iPhone App?

World Walking's iPhone app uses GPS.  The app requires GPS to get a location which is accurate to within 500 metres. This basically tells your phone that the app wants proper GPS location data rather than location data it can surmise from WIFI and phone tower signals.

First of all you should enable your phone to receive location data. The way to do this is to open up the Settings app on your iPhone, then go to Privacy, Location Services and ensure both the top Location Services toggle is on and that World Walking down at the bottom of the list is set to Always rather than Never.

Once you have done that you are ready to start recording the distance you walk using our app.  

Click the circle with the cross in it at the foot of the screen then click on the compass symbol on the right of the next screen that appears. You'll then see a map showing your location and a blue start button. Click the start button and off you go. 

As you walk, if you look at the app you’ll see a line showing the route you’ve walked so far. 

Click finish when you’re done, and the app will add the steps you’ve taken to your bank. You can then be spent on any of the walks you’re currently doing.