Facebook + Apple Login

We recently dropped support for "Login with Facebook", and "Sign in with Apple" meaning next time you login to worldwalking.org or our mobile apps, you'll need to use a login password instead.

If you already have a login password for World Walking, please enter that instead. If you don't have a login password for World Walking, you can visit https://worldwalking.org/password/reset to request a password reset email. You will be emailed a unique link which must be used within 1 hour to set / update your login password.

If you previously used World Walking with a Facebook account or Sign in with Apple, your steps and data are retained and you don't need need to create a new account. Simply request a password reset email at the link above using the same email address as your Facebook account, allowing you to set a login password to use each time you visit worldwalking.org.

If you used Sign in with Apple and an anonymous email address, just enter email address (you'll see it on the settings screen) when resetting your password.