Why has the status of my 'Joinable' group been changed to 'Invite-Only'?

Sadly and frustratingly we have come under attack from a few unknown individuals who have joined World Walking, added lots of 'steps' they hadn't walked and then joined groups and used those 'steps' to complete the walks which the groups had been doing.

As a result of one particularly large and sustained attack we took the decision to immediately change the status of all public joinable groups to invite-only groups. We intend to remove the option to create public joinable groups to prevent any recurrence. This will take a little time to put in place so until the change has been made we recommend that if you wish your group to be visible on our website and apps you make your group an invite-only group.

The option to create a private joinable group which anyone with whom you share the group's URL could join will remain.

If you wish to revert back to having a public joinable group you can do so by editing your group details.

We know this will affect a lot of groups and we apologise for the inconvenience but we felt, on balance, it was the correct course of action to take.