Over The Rainbow

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Over The Rainbow

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  • Distance: 2,947,391 steps
  • Milestones: 12

The Eirias Rainbow Walk which we created to support Ysbyty'r Enfys in Llandudno and the NHS in North Wales in the battle with COVID-19 was met with such enthusiasm that they decided to walk back home from Italy. This walk is for them. It’s a lovely walk. Why not join them?

To support the campaign to raise funds for Ysbyty Enfys and other NHS services in North Wales go to the Just Giving Page to collect sponsorship, or make a donation: https://www.justgiving.com/algc

Thanks again Mrs Zachara.

Roedd cymaint o gefnogaeth a brwdfrydedd ar gyfer Taith Enfys Eirias a grëwyd i gefnogi Ysbyty’r Enfys yn Llandudno a’r GIG yng Ngogledd Cymru yn y frwydr yn erbyn COVID-19, fel eu bod wed penderfynu cerdded yn ôl o’r Eidal.  Mae’r daith hon iddyn nhw ac mae’n daith hyfryd.  Beth am ymuno â nhw?

I gefnogi’r ymgyrch i godi arian ar gyfer Ysbyty’r Enfys a gwasanaethau eraill y GIG yng Ngogledd Cymru, ewch i’r dudalen Just Giving i godi arian, neu i wneud cyfraniad: https://www.justgiving.com/algc

Diolch unwaith eto Mrs Zachara

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Map of Over The Rainbow
  • 1. Florence (Fflorens)


  • 2. Genoa

    Distance: + 243.00km

  • 3. Turin

    Distance: + 160.38km

  • 4. Lyon

    Distance: + 305.34km

  • 5. Bourges

    Distance: + 265.07km

  • 6. Paris

    Distance: + 215.97km

  • 7. Amiens

    Distance: + 127.47km

  • 8. Canterbury (Caergaint)

    Distance: + 210.01km

  • 9. Oxford (Rhydychen)

    Distance: + 182.35km

  • 10. Ludlow (Llwydlo)

    Distance: + 136.84km

  • 11. Chester (Caer)

    Distance: + 104.42km

  • 12. Llandudno

    Distance: + 70.47km

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