James Watt: A Great Scot & Great Man

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James Watt: A Great Scot & Great Man

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  • Distance: 1,695,873 steps
  • Milestones: 7

James Watt: A special walk to celebrate the life and achievements of James Watt, a great Scot from Greenock whose invention of a new type of steam engine helped drive the Industrial Revolution and change the world.

Created in partnership with Kilmacolm Primary School to mark the 200th anniversary of the death of James Watt in 2019.

Photo by kind permission of The Board of Trustees of the Science Museum in London

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Map of James Watt: A Great Scot & Great Man
  • 1. Greenock


  • 2. University of Glasgow

    Distance: + 34.33km

  • 3. Kinneil House

    Distance: + 50.67km

  • 4. Birmingham

    Distance: + 466.97km

  • 5. London

    Distance: + 180.56km

  • 6. Crofton Pumping Station

    Distance: + 113.54km

  • 7. Cornwall

    Distance: + 316.96km

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