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The Journey Home

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  • Distance: 26,039,111 steps
  • Milestones: 18

The Journey Home: One of the things we most enjoy is being able to create walks for our users that mean something to them. The requests we receive and the reasons behind them never fail to surprise and delight us. 

One of the most special requests came recently from a couple in Texas who are adopting a child from Delhi. They wrote to us to say “International adoption is not an easy journey. We hoped for the creation of this walk as a way to honour the child we will be traveling to India to adopt. May each mile we complete be a gentle reminder of our child’s love and loss before joining our family. Let this also shed light on the many orphans around the world who await a family of their own.”

This walk is for them and their family. Why not make the journey with them?

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Map of The Journey Home
  • 1. Dallas


  • 2. Memphis

    Distance: + 771.21km

  • 3. Nashville

    Distance: + 377.26km

  • 4. Louisville

    Distance: + 290.79km

  • 5. Cincinnati

    Distance: + 168.85km

  • 6. Pittsburgh

    Distance: + 456.61km

  • 7. Washington DC

    Distance: + 369.12km

  • 8. Santiago de Campostela

    Distance: + 5,611.96km

  • 9. Carcassone

    Distance: + 1,068.23km

  • 10. Milan

    Distance: + 720.75km

  • 11. Zagreb

    Distance: + 612.76km

  • 12. Sofia

    Distance: + 845.20km

  • 13. Istanbul

    Distance: + 569.20km

  • 14. Tbilisi

    Distance: + 1,658.09km

  • 15. Tehran

    Distance: + 1,098.04km

  • 16. Band -e- Amir National Park

    Distance: + 1,795.88km

  • 17. Islamabad

    Distance: + 692.63km

  • 18. Dehli

    Distance: + 751.06km

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