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Buy Malawian 2018

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  • Distance: 1,493,392 steps
  • Milestones: 6

As part of the Scotland Malawi Partnership’s #BuyMalawian2018 campaign, we’ve created this special Malawi Walk where you have the chance to WIN a holiday to Malawi!

You’ve got from 5th-19th March to take the walk of a lifetime and hike your way through Malawi, stopping off at the locations of Malawi’s best food and drink products! 

Make sure you enter the competition on the SMP’s website for your chance to win a holiday to Malawi!

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Map of Buy Malawian 2018
  • 1. Karonga


  • 2. Mzuzu

    Distance: + 217.74km

  • 3. Mchinji

    Distance: + 360.24km

  • 4. Lilongwe

    Distance: + 112.05km

  • 5. Blantyre

    Distance: + 294.99km

  • 6. Thyolo

    Distance: + 39.15km

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