Steps for Schools: A Journey Across Nepal

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Steps for Schools: A Journey Across Nepal

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  • Distance: 672,374 steps
  • Milestones: 10

Steps for Schools: A Journey Across Nepal: We love collaborating with other charities and were delighted to be approached by HVP Nepal-UK, the UK charity that supports the education and empowerment of women and children from deprived backgrounds in Nepal.

This new walk is the result. We hope you will join them on their journey across Nepal.

Pack your water bottle and get moving as you trek through the bustling city of Kathmandu and across world-famous picturesque mountain ranges on your journey between the three different schools run by HVP and supported by HVP Nepal-UK.

If you can, HVP Nepal-UK would love to have your support. Find out more or get involved by visiting their website.

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Map of Steps for Schools: A Journey Across Nepal
  • 1. About Us


  • 2. HVP Thali

    Distance: + 31.59km

  • 3. Kathmandu as a City

    Distance: + 6.00km

  • 4. HVP Central

    Distance: + 7.49km

  • 5. Life as a Student in Nepal

    Distance: + 107.75km

  • 6. The Education System in Nepal

    Distance: + 89.56km

  • 7. Volunteering with HVP

    Distance: + 77.95km

  • 8. Women’s Education

    Distance: + 63.79km

  • 9. Dang School 

    Distance: + 70.46km

  • 10. Children’s Peace Home

    Distance: + 6.53km

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