Road to Rwamagana

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Road to Rwamagana

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  • Distance: 15,835,935 steps
  • Milestones: 12

Road to Rwamagana: We were delighted to be asked by our friends at Aid for Education to create this bespoke 6,748 mile-long route - the distance from Greenock (where Aid for Education is based) to their projects in Rwamagana, Rwanda - to help them achieve their goal of raising money to continue to develop the facilities at their Tubarere Nursery and Primary School.

If you would like to help Aid for Education change more young lives you can donate here. Thank you for your support. 

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Map of Road to Rwamagana
  • 1. Tubarere Nursery and Primary School


  • 2. Supporting Women

    Distance: + 927.74km

  • 3. Sponsorship

    Distance: + 858.34km

  • 4. School Feeding Programme

    Distance: + 1,009.03km

  • 5. Goats

    Distance: + 1,778.09km

  • 6. Health

    Distance: + 1,772.22km

  • 7. Microfinance

    Distance: + 665.94km

  • 8. Women’s farming project

    Distance: + 755.78km

  • 9. Passion Fruit

    Distance: + 404.38km

  • 10. Cows

    Distance: + 744.07km

  • 11. Volunteers

    Distance: + 1,079.35km

  • 12. Anitha’s story

    Distance: + 865.35km

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