Rwanda: Aid for Education

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Rwanda: Aid for Education

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Rwanda: Known as “The Land of a Thousand Hills” or the 'Little Switzerland of Africa', the Central African nation of Rwanda holds beautiful scenic sights. The population is young and predominantly rural, with a density among the highest in Africa. 

Why not join us walking round the Rwamagana District of this beautiful country to see the projects run by the Scottish charity, Aid for Education

Aid for Education has one partner, Children Might Foundation (CMF), a Rwandan NGO helping some of the country’s poorest children and their families; children whose families cannot afford to support them in their desire to gain access to education, basic medical care, or shelter.

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Map of Rwanda: Aid for Education
  • 1. Rwamagana Market: where we buy our goats


  • 2. Our charity partner - Children Might Foundation

    Distance: + 1.53km

  • 3. Tubarere: our school project

    Distance: + 7.92km

  • 4. Abagore: our farming project

    Distance: + 5.07km

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