Branching Out To Quirindi

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Branching Out To Quirindi

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Adding this new route makes us very happy!

A while back we were delighted to be asked by Australian heart health group, the ‘Who’d A Thought It Walkers’, if we could help them use World Walking to walk half way round the world from their rural farming community in Quirindi, New South Wales, to Scotland to ‘meet’ us.

Now the efforts of these intrepid Aussies have motivated the walking group of Scottish charity Parklea Branching Out to walk all the way from Inverclyde to Quirindi.  This is their route. You might like to tackle it too!

World Walking is proud to support the inspirational work which Parklea Branching Out does to help individuals with support needs fulfill their potential. 

This one’s for you Susan!

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Map of Branching Out To Quirindi
  • 1. Inverclyde


  • 2. London

    Distance: + 659.09km

  • 3. Paris

    Distance: + 372.67km

  • 4. Vienna

    Distance: + 1,162.64km

  • 5. Istanbul

    Distance: + 1,507.73km

  • 6. Agra

    Distance: + 5,787.50km

  • 7. Kuala Lumpur

    Distance: + 5,175.08km

  • 8. Brisbane

    Distance: + 6,460.61km

  • 9. Quirindi

    Distance: + 606.01km

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